Ken and Cheryl have been married for 27 yrs now and started Midwest Woodlots 12 years ago. After a 12 year on the road career in Bass Fishing Ken was looking to return home to the good life with his wife and friends in Pierceton In were Cheryl has enjoyed 40 years of service to a local company calld Biomet. We had been apart in our careers to long and looked for a way to b home and together on a full time basis. Cheryl asked Ken why he didn't take people hunting the same way as he used to take them fishing and there it was midwest Woodloots was born after asking a few neighboring farmers what they thought we started our first years with 3200 acres and enjoyed a great year of fun and hunting. we still have those very same hunters returning today as our management program has improved as well as our hunting programs.

  We continue to try to talk Cheryl into retiring and cooking full time for us but she enjoys her career far to much but we are in hopes that it will happen one day but she still helps as much as possible in caring for "her boys" when time allows. 

 We have a great hunt at an affordable price. Our kill ratio is very high always achieving at least 60% our deer keep getting bigger with our program we allow one hunter for every 200 acres we lease this formula has worked well for us we will continue to not over hunt our area for these very reasons. The neighbors harvest does ever year but we do not in an effort to insure future years of success  we have been here solidly since the start and see no end to this amazing career we have chosen.  While you are here we discuses with everyone future plans and new ideas. Everyone that hunts here is part of the decision making process. We invite you to come hunt with us and see for yourself why Midwest Woodlots is over 11000 acres now and still growing




9179 Old Road 30 E

Pierceton, Indiana 46562

(574) 265 6996 or (574) 527-2341

Dan Hagan served in the United States Army for six years. While serving Dan deployed twice to Afghanstan a total of 19 months. On Dans second deployment he was severely injury by a bullet that struck him in the back of the head. After 16 months of hospital stays and rehab. Dan was retired from the Army and moved home to Indiana and joined Midwest woodlots in 2013.

Cheryl & Ken


​​Midwest Woodlots LLC

Marty Davison has been with Midwest Woodlots almost since its beginning. Marty has been a major factor in the success of our outfitting business  Marty is a full time taxidermist as well as photographer as well as video production do informercials for major businesses such as ebay

 Marty has been a guide as well as helping in decision making on future plans. We miss his full time employment as he has now opened Stony Creek taxidermy studio in Columbia City Indiana. But we will enjoy him still helping in fall hunting months with guiding and getting our customers harvest ready for mounting . 

  A soecial thanks goes out to his lovely wife Amy and his son Lane and Courtney his daughter for putting up with al;l the long hours to make Midwest Woodlots what it is today.

  Marty will be here in the fall to help with your placement in stands and in helping you understand why we do what we do. He will also make sure that your game is properly taken care of to provide for the finest mount possible  Marty truly loves what he does and is a joy to be around  thanks marty for all you do