​​Midwest Woodlots LLC

    Come Hunt 12,000 acres of Indiana's prime hunting ground

IF you chose to hunt with Midwest Woodlots we have just a few rules for everyone to follow!

All hunters most follow Indiana state hunting rules and laws!

We do not allow smokers in our camp it is a non smoke facilities.

There is no getting out of your box or down from your ladder stand unless a guide is with you.

If you draw blood or wound a deer and it is not recovered your hunt is over.

There is no using the restroom on our ground! You most carry something is case of a emergency.

All the hunters before you have followed these rules and all the hunters after you are basing their hunt off of you following this rules!

9179 Old Road 30 E

Pierceton, Indiana 46562

(574) 265 6996 or (574) 527-2341