The Hunt is $1500 for four days and lodging.

You can Pay your deposit of $500.oo here and pay the remainder upon arrival  

Grab one of the few Prime Full Rut Openings for Archery season left for 2016!!   Come hunt when the big bucks are chasing does and really covering ground!

This is one of the few openings we will be offering for our free range hunting on 12,000+ prime acres of hunting ground in Northern Indiana! Come hunt the big bucks of the Midwest!  We have been guiding hunters on the ground for 14 years! 

 Every year the majority of our hunt openings are filled by customers who have hunted with us year after year.  Something must be right if they keep coming back!!  

This is a 4 day Full Rut Archery hunt for a mature buck only.  We do not shoot our does or yearling bucks.  They are what keeps the big bucks on our ground!   

The cost of this hunt only covers one hunter.  You can have up to 2 friends join you and hunt if they pay the same price!  If you are going to add any other hunters besides yourself, let us know right away so we don't fill their spots!  We are located in Northern Indiana.  The lodging and food is included with the hunt for your 4 day stay.  The fields and woods are constantly monitored for trophy bucks.  Transportation to and from the stands and field dressing your game is also included.  Butchering on site is available and a professional taxidermist is on staff.

  The pictures show just a few shots of some of the many bucks taken in the last couple years.  This is the total price of the hunt, not just a deposit!! You can pay a deposit of $500 per hunter upon purchase and pay the balance when you arrive the day of the hunt. The only optional fees are if you want to tip the helpers or if you have your deer butchered or mounted.


Midwest Woodlots LLC