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Property Owner
My wife Cheryl and Myself are committed to both the property owners as well as our hunters. We provide a safe place for hunters from all over the US as well as a few from Canada. This year will be our 17th season. We would like you to join a team that gives everyone a safe opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and do it in a safe way.

Why Midwest Woodlots Midwest Woodlots is a close to home outfitter.

We talk and interview every person that comes to our camp. We have a strict set of rules that the hunters have to follow. We drop the hunters off and pick them up on all hunts. They keep their weapons in a case until inside their blind. They are told to not leave the blind unless their guide is present. We do not hunt your property as much as you would think. At this point, we have more than 100 farms that we Stuart and we take it seriously from start to finish. Depending on wind directions and other factors dictates where we hunt. With this amount of property, it is more likely you will only see use a few times a year.


We carry outfitter insurance that has 2,000,000 of liability etc. you will be named on that policy. We do not put anything into the tree we use and we only use safe and proven ladder stands and boxes for guns and muzzleloaders. We do not allow alcohol to be consumed before hunting. We do not allow smokers to our camp as it does mix well with hunting.


We have several things we look at when setting a price to give you a price quote. Acres amount of deer cover etc. I use overhead aerials and the likes. Based on these I will deliver to you our pricing of which all in all we are enjoying helping property owners with earning extra income and providing a safe secure way for people from all over to enjoy the great outdoors. We live right here and we will help you in many different ways. We have enjoyed 16 full years without one violation and not one complaint of trespassing or otherwise and we are proud of it. We would love to visit you and see if we can work together bringing people to our state and helping the local economy.

Thank you, 

Ken Mcintosh