1. Weapon of season.  Indiana allows the use of a compound bow or crossbow, however you must specify which weapon you will use if you are a non-resident. During Firearm season, Indiana allows the use shotgun with a single projectile or slug. Muzzle loader Rifles larger than .30 caliber and or a .243.
Muzzle loader must be at least .45 caliber.  In-line is ok, as well as scoped guns.
2. During Gun season, Indiana requires the every hunter to have a solid hunter orange hat or vest. Either or is fine.
3. You must purchase a valid hunting license for the season you are hunting. You may screenshot or print the license.  We have transportation tags at camp for you.
4. Please do not bring scents or attractants as they are not allowed on properties. A grunt call is fine but limited use is recommended.
5. Please bring a urine bottle and please take care of it.
6.  Binoculars are recommend.
7. A safety harness is required for archery only when in tree stands.  Not required during Gun and Muzzle load, as you will be in a shooting box.
8.  If you have a buddy heater and can bring it please do so. We have quit a few but you never know if we run out with the number of hunters in the field.  Also, please bring ample supply of gas.  

9. Warm dry boots are a must.
10. Please bring at least a cooler for you deer to return home and also check with your state about bringing carcasses from other states.  We are a non CWD state and we do have facilities to help prepare your deer for the trip.  We also have a taxidermist to cape and measure your trophy, but we recommend taking it home to have it mounted.
11. To get the best stand locations, please bring 2-5 Lbs. of your favorite State and Local food as this will put Ken in a great mood and it will definitely enhance your location for hunting. (Example Louisiana people should consider jumbo shrimp and Wisconsin bring cheese)
12. Number 11 is just kidding however you never know. Lol…
13. A phone charger is recommended, as you may need enough for all day.
14. Please bring a big smile and if you forget anything no worries we will get it for you and have waiting back at camp b from my iPhone

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